Kung-Fu on the Virtue of the Unorthodox

In 1978 Jackie Chan emerged on the Hong Kong martial arts film scene with a movie about fighting drunk. The film, “The Drunken Master,” is a fun take on the genre, but its major idea, appearing in the final showdown, can teach us a lot about what it means to win by trying to lose, and the crucial relationship between art and misrecognition.

Ancestry Testing and the Problem of Belonging

DNA testing sites have exploded in popularity since 2017, yet the concept of tracing one’s heritage is nothing new. Set amidst the backdrop of growing urbanization and the breakdown of traditional ways of life, the renaissance in ancestry testing offers something that modernity has been accused of stealing: a sense of belonging. But to what extent can we ignore these companies’ sketchy business practices and the checkered history of lineage proofs?

What Type of a Job is an Athlete?

As the era of “Player Empowerment” takes hold of the NBA, players have begun to question a dated ownership system that limits players’ ability to choose the path their own careers take. In doing so, they raise an important question: What about sports make us forget that its athletes are employees?